Friends of The House: Sam Sadowsky Q&A

Friends of The House: Sam Sadowsky Q&A

World of McIntosh is a creative mecca where inspiring people are always coming through, how does that influence your work?

It keeps me motivated. Having a constant rotating door or seasoned, fresh, young, and talented creatives, musicians, and artists is a blessing. There’s never a dull moment, ideas and concepts are constantly being shared and coming to fruition at WOM.  

Do you find inspiration through your environment at WOM?

It may be counter intuitive, but having such a beautiful environment really helps maintain a degree of focus and wanting to excel. I would say most of the inspiration comes through the music, aesthetic, and most importantly the people I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by on a day to day basis. 

As a Friend of The House, what is your favorite part of being at WOM?

Master Chef, James Caputo, cooking a 5-course while listening to a Led Zeppelin vinyl. Also my boss, David Mascioni, is a GOAT. Credit a lot of my professional development to him. If you have a chance to work with him in any capacity, do it.  

Can you share a favorite memory from the house?

Honestly, I have two. First was kicking it with 9th Wonder, because I grew on that guys beats. Huge part of the reason I started getting into sampling as a hobby was him. Next was getting to hang with Elliot Wilson and Brian B-Dot. They were here filming a Rap Radar with Stormzy who is a stand-up guy btw, super good vibes. But yeah I grew up studying the game by proxy through Elliot Wilson, I would dub him the world’s greatest hip-hop journalist alongside Jonathan Mannion.     

Describe a typical day for you in NYC.

Always have to start with a coffee from La Colombe or Aime Leon Dore (if you go to Aime try a drink called the 214). You can find me hanging in SoHo. I’m always looking for the most elite food within a 5 block radius and always grinding. 

How to you unwind outside of the office—passions, hobbies, etc.

I play guitar, make sampled beats on occasion. I’ve recently got into rock climbing and I love basketball. I’m pretty wack at ball but I average a lot of assists. Helping my friends achieve their dreams by any means necessary. If your fam and I can help in anyway, just ask. Anything to help the community, small gestures such as paying for someone’s meal or groceries at my local deli. 

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Not even an album it’s a mixtape: J. Cole – Friday Night Lights 

Favorite city to visit?

Mexico City

Best concert you’ve ever been to?


Superpower of choice?

Elemental Control 

Favorite restaurant in NYC

Bouley at Home.

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