World of McIntosh X Baxter: Partnership

World of McIntosh X Baxter: Partnership

The design philosophy of Baxter is illustrated through its furnishing of the World of McIntosh townhouse to celebrate an innovative form or brand partnership.

This October the worlds of music and design collide as luxury furnishings brand, BAXTER, transforms the WORLD OF MCINTOSH townhouse; utilizing its elevated furnishings and eye for design the Baxter team brings the spirt of Italy to New York through this brand partnership.  

Brought to life by Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, Baxter was built on a familial love for rich materials and knowledge of Italian manufacturing; expressing that passion for high end design and impeccable quality through its furnishings. From the beginning leather played a large role in the shaping of the company and its present-day aesthetic—using the art of leather working and shaping to produce its current collections. Passion culminates in each collection and the love that Luigi and Paolo infused into every piece, since Baxter’s inception, is still felt in today’s craftmanship; sharing their Italian heritage and brand history with the world.  

The connection of the World of McIntosh to iconic moments in music history and Baxter’s deep ties to its Italian heritage; made for a seamless partnership that would fuse the worlds of these two brands together – without suppressing the other’s distinctive style. As Baxter began to visualize the placement of its pieces within the space its team knew it could not abandon WOM’s fast-paced New York vibe and needed to outline a cohesive design concept to capture the townhouse’s essence. This inspired Baxter’s push towards its functional, yet refined, pieces that would align with the townhouse’s lived-in feel—with its many events and functions; bringing a modern sophistication without feeling conservative or stodgy.

October marks the beginning of the design collaborative with World of McIntosh as its hosts Baxter for an extended period as the townhouse’s new furnishings exclusive; the only noted furniture brand living within the space. This display will allow lovers of the interior and design worlds to experience Baxter in a different capacity – as it enters the previously unexplored high-end audio realm to highlight its ability to adapt yet stand out.      

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