Friends of The House: Julietta Q&A

Friends of The House: Julietta Q&A

Friends of The House: Julietta

Friend of the house, Julia Libani, also known by her stage name “Julietta” is a singer/songwriter from New York City. Coming off of a successful release of her two single’s “Beach Break” and “Hard Love” in addition to a Sofi Tucker remix of Beach Break, she is positioned for a breakout year. Julietta stopped by The World of McIntosh Townhouse to hang, preview us some new music, and chat!

1. Can you describe your music-making process?

It’s more of a heart spilling – connecting the dots process. When an urge of emotion comes up in my body I have to expel it in sound. It’s the only way that it actually releases for me. I start to sing a melody and then fill it in with a freestyle of words that I relate my experience too. Later on, I shape it and perfect it into something people can understand and relate to ❤️

2. When can we expect to hear new music from you?

Coming in hot early 2020!

3. What keeps you inspired?

Diving into every opportunity that life presents me with. You never know what lessons are waiting to be learned. I can’t get enough, always open to new experiences so I can continue to grow.

4. Do you think living in NYC played an important role for you as an artist?

NYC played one of the most influential roles, it gave me an unparalleled perspective. NYC was a constant rush, I never understood how much energy I was always around – multi managing multi-tasking from birth. I was used to it as if that was normal. Grew up in a building with 500+ apartments with my family on the upper west side. Was smacked in the face with turmoil from a young age and had to figure out how to cope in a place where most people had no idea how to. That’s where music was born for me, a way out of the noise. A way to the ground, a time to close my eyes and be alone in a place where people were constantly in my face.

5. Favorite spot in NYC to grab a drink or bite?

Kiki’s, Lovely Day, La Esquina

6. Favorite album?

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Check out more of Julietta’s music below!

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