Friends of The House: Christina Paik Q&A

Friends of The House: Christina Paik Q&A

Friends of The House: Christina Paik

Christina Paik is a renaissance woman. She is a photographer, a streetwear icon, stylist, producer, and creative consultant. She is based in New York City and Paris—and luckily when she is in our neck of the woods, she loves to spend time at World of McIntosh.

1. Where do you draw the most inspiration for your work?

Actually, it’s usually the inspiration that draws me. I know my work is better when it’s not forced and maybe even accidental. I know when, where, and how to take a shot, but for all those things to line up I know it’s more than just myself making it happen.

 2. Do you see the world differently when you get behind the lens?

My vision is most definitely at a certain frame rate which I can’t specify but I know this because I see the world and my moments in it as frames. I look at life with relentless composition and when I am behind the lens, I translate that image.

3. You’re taking up ice skating—how does taking risks and learning new skills translate to your creative process?

I don’t like being comfortable. It’s boring. I take on challenges and understand that anything and everything should be a challenge because perfection doesn’t exist so I know I can be better and work towards that. This goes for my art as well as skating. Skating was actually my first love before art and I am now getting back on the ice to remind myself that greater is always the goal. Not greater than anyone else, but greater than who I was yesterday.

4. As a Friend of The House, what is your favorite part of being at WOM?

There’s tangible energy at WOM. We all work individually and as a collective to give and take that energy and use it for the creative good. Artists pursue art for different reasons but it’s obvious to me that the WOM family has a common goal to simply inspire.

5. Do you find there’s a particular energy when you enter the townhouse?

When you step into a space it’s usually to escape another space. When you step into the townhouse, the creative energy is so live that I know that what’s being done there is important and is aimed at making more spaces in the world that we don’t want to escape.

6. Your personal style is so iconic. Can you explain your approach to fashion in 3 words?

Growing up as an athlete, I always was more into being cozy especially in skating, we wear tights and tight-fitting clothes. I also was drawn into streetwear and high end, so I combined all my different personalities.

6. Favorite restaurant in NYC?


7. Favorite city to visit?


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