Sonus faber Palladio Custom Integration Speakers

Sonus faber Palladio Custom Integration Speakers

Sonus faber Palladio: Design Your Harmony

Designed to bring the emotion of listening anywhere, to transport the listener into a limitless sound immersion, Palladio custom installation speakers utilize the advanced technology featured across our high-end speaker ranges.

Silk dome tweeters are characterized by DAD (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and mid-ranges and woofers are equipped with natural fiber and cellulose pulp diaphragms. These two elements give life to the recognizable and iconic “Voice of Sonus faber”.

The Crossover network is designed for better definition and purity of sound featuring the Paracross TopologyTM circuitry.

Each line has two angled models (PC-562P and PC-563P for Level 5, PC-662P and PC-664P for Level 6) that increase the versatility of the collection allowing users to easily complete any home theater or stereo system, in any environment, even those difficult to access.

Whenever front speakers cannot be placed on walls, these models are designed to be mounted in the ceiling.  Drivers have been positioned at an optimal angle to aim the sound towards the listening position, guaranteeing the same performance of a front firing speaker.

Both lines have an In-Wall LCR (Left/Center/Right) model (PL-563 for Level 5 and PL-664 for Level 6), designed to cover multiple roles according to different needs. For example, thanks to their high-power capabilities, the wall speakers can turn any room into a fully capable movie and music theater environment.

In Level 6, 3 models (PC-664P, PL-664, PW-662) come with a wooden sealed box, designed to be used when sound isolation is required. The back sealed box is the ideal solution to avoid sound pollution to other floors and, at the same time, allow precise control of the speaker load.

However, it is possible to open the boxes to allow greater acoustic loading using the internal space inside the plasterboard. Finally, all the Level 6 loudspeakers feature die-cast aluminum baskets, designed by the Sonus faber laboratories.

Extremely compact and equipped with authentic sound, the Sonus faber Palladio Level 5 and 6 are easy to install and versatile to be positioned in any setting.  Thanks to the swing out dogs fixing system, all Palladio speakers can be secured quickly and effectively to plasterboard.

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